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New Balance 860v2

The New Balance 860v2 is a purpose made running shoe that combines style and functionality. An upgrade from the original 860, the 860v2 is specifically designed to address the problem of overpronation, which refers to the excessive inward rolling of the foot during the running gait. It does so by offering stability features that promote proper foot alignment and a more efficient running gait thus helping runners achieve a more balanced stride. Other areas covered in the upgrade from the original 860 include cushioning, fit and durability. The New Balance 860v2 takes inspiration from scientific research, biomechanical studies, and feedback from runners to provide a comfortable and efficient running shoe.

With a built-in arch support, the New Balance 860v2 provides a comfortable fit regardless of your arch type, whether it is low or medium. In addition, it has a cushioned midsole made of New Balance ABZORB foam, which provides added comfort through shock absorption. This gives the shoe a comfortable fit for running activities and it can also double down as a casual option if you’re looking for comfort and stability from your everyday shoes.

While the New Balance 860 line first debuted in 2004, the earliest appearance of the New Balance 860v2 dates back to 2011 when they first hit the retail stores. Since then, New Balance has released a variation of colorways over the years to suit different tastes and preferences including the Thisisneverthat White which came out in May 2022.

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