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Marvel Captain America #6 (1st Full App. of Winter Soldier) Comic Book CGC Graded

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During the initial run for Timely Comics (Marvel Comics predecessor), Captain America Comic Books were some of the most popular during the wartime period. The patriotic super soldier was a hit during a tumultuous time in history, but was discontinued shortly after the war. Captain America Comic Books made a return in 1964, transcending the previous image of just being a superhero during the American war effort in the 1940s. His inclusion as one of the leaders in the Avengers series has solidified Captain America as a household name across the world, not just in the United States. Popular CGC graded Captain America Comic Books include Captain America #117 (1st appearance of Falcon), and Captain America #6 (1st full appearance of Winter Soldier). If you’re a fan of the Avengers, Captain America also makes routine appearances in those comic books, which are also available graded on StockX.