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New Balance 650R

The New Balance 650R first made its debut in the 1980s as a 650 model. The shoe has undergone many modifications and re-releases over time, but the most recent model has maintained its original high-top design while combining cutting-edge materials and technology and is now back and prominent in the brand's portfolio. The New Balance 650R is an excellent option if you are searching for a durable and comfortable sneaker for basketball because it has a strong emphasis on style and comfort like most of the New Balance models like the 550.

The New Balance 650R has a stylish, ready-to-wear design. A puff and stitch collar is added to a conventional leather upper for a subtle reworking of molded foam construction, and the raised structure of the shoe is applied to every level of detail with a raw-edged leather eyerow. Perforated overlays are combined with soft leather and mesh fabrics, and the 650's traditional puff and stitch collar completes the look. 

In general, New Balance shoes run true to size. That, in our opinion, also applies to this shoe. But because they are mostly high tops, we can see the advantage of sizing up. While leaving the heel's base hollow, the shoe offers substantial padding in the ankle region. When the shoe is fully laced, the high cut scoops the heel and hugs the ankle, giving it a sculpted and secure feel both while walking and standing still. Our current favorite colorway in this model is the Aime Leon Dore White Red.

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