The Walt Disney Company is a multinational empire. It owns an array of entertainment and media outlets, including ESPN, ABC, Lifetime, and the Disney Channel. In the early 1970s, the company opened its first amusement park in California. Since then, it has opened parks and resorts in several countries, including Japan and France. Walt Disney is the father of this company. He was a talented animator and film entrepreneur.

Disney characters have been the stars of live-action movies, cartoons, and TV shows. These characters date back to the late 1920s with the introduction of classic cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Collecting memorabilia from these popular characters can be both valuable and sentimental. For example, looking at a Little Mermaid doll can bring back warm and fond memories of growing up and watching the movie with a sibling.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse is perhaps one of its most well-known characters. Mickey is a classic, having been introduced to numerous generations throughout the years. His movie debut began with Steamboat Willie. Today, he continues to star in holiday specials during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. He is also very popular with collectors. Your Mickey collection can include a variety of fun and unique items, like this Mickey and Friends basketball.

A visit to a Disney park is a special and memorable experience. Collecting park souvenirs from Walt Disney Park or Epcot Center can be exciting and rewarding. Park anniversary and other memorabilia are nostalgic and have good investment potential.


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