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American artist KAWS initially got his start in 2D artwork, receiving critical acclaim and cultural relevance. Buy and Sell KAWS Art Prints now on StockX.


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Artist Plate Project x KAWS HOURS, NIGHT, WEEKS, MONTHS Plate (Edition of 250)

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American artist Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS, is best known for his cartoonish characters, often portrayed in 3D motifs. However, Donnelly initially got his start in 2D paintings and graffiti, and KAWS art prints have since received acclaim in the streetwear and fashion landscape through collaborations with some of the world’s most coveted designers. KAWS’ art emphasizes color and simplicity, often portrayed with a central figure in the work. Repeated symbols like an “X” on the characters are a recognizable part of the KAWS universe. All of these important aspects of KAWS Art Prints allow it to be digestible and relatable through a myriad of cultures, adding to its reverence in the contemporary art movement.