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Supreme MF DOOM Tee Black

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Some of the company's most iconic T-shirts are simple crew necks with the Supreme box logo emblazoned on the front. However, the brand is known for limited or special edition runs that collaborate with fashion designers and stars from various industries across the world as well. In many cases, Supreme will release small runs of topical T-shirts that sport the Supreme logo while touching on particular issues. The Supreme Takashi Murakami COVID-19 Relief Box Logo Tee White is just one popular example of a partnership aimed at raising funds to combat global issues. Supreme also has a long tradition of photo tees that feature artists or celebrities, ranging from Kate Moss to Gucci Mane, sporting Supreme gear in the prints. A more recent example of a Supreme photo t-shirt that’s been very popular with fans of Supreme is the Supreme Buju Banton Tee Black which features a photo of Banton himself wearing yet another Supreme T-shirt. One collaboration people will not soon forget is the Supreme x Swarovski collab. In celebration of their 25th anniversary in April 2019, Supreme collaborated with Swarovski to launch the Supreme Swarovski Box Logo, which featured the Supreme box logo design flooded with genuine Swarovski crystals.