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adidas Forum

The adidas Forum was first introduced in the early 1980s as a distinctive basketball shoe and quickly gained popularity among basketball players for its innovative design and performance features. It was always distinct because it had a Velcro strap that wrapped around the ankle, providing extra support and stability. Outside the court, the adidas Forum became a symbol of street culture and hip-hop fashion, thanks to the stylish designs the popularity it had amassed within the music industry.

The adidas Forum originally had a leather construction on the upper which mainly provided durability and support, but over the years, adidas has released the shoe in various materials like canvas and suede. They are available in different sizes ranging from adult men and women to grade-school and pre-school sizing.

The adidas Forum has transcended the boundaries of sports to establish itself as a cornerstone of street style and hip-hop culture. This transformation has been catalyzed by the brand's iconic collaborations with other renowned names, including Bad Bunny, Ivy Park, and Prada, resulting in limited-edition releases that have garnered widespread attention. Consequently, the sneaker has become a sought-after product, particularly during reissues and the release of retro versions, paying homage to the shoe's rich heritage.

adidas Forum sneakers are quite versatile and can be styled with different outfits depending on what you enjoy. For instance, the adidas Forum Triple White would go well with fitting jeans and a graphic tee for the men going for a casual day out, while women can style the adidas Forum Girls Are Awesome with a pair of denim shorts or a sundress for that cool summer look.

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