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The LEGO Architecture line features some of the world's most famous buildings. Shop these LEGO sets and more now on StockX.


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LEGO Architecture Himeji Castle Set 21060

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LEGO sets aren't just for kids. Some LEGO series are designed and tailored for more advanced builders, outfitted with intricate design features. That's what you get with the LEGO Architecture collection—a line of LEGO sets that feature some of the world's most famous buildings. Started in 2008, the LEGO Architecture line now includes over 50 unique sets, all highly-detailed models of architectural wonders throughout the world. The first LEGO Architecture set created was the LEGO Architecture Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) modeled after the skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois. While most sets are modeled after buildings in the United States, the catalog of LEGO Architecture sets have expanded to include buildings on six continents.
LEGO Architecture sets include the Roman Colosseum, the United States Capitol, and other buildings that you can recognize by sight alone. There are no rules with LEGO Architecture sets. Builders can combine other LEGO sets to build their own city scapes, a testament to the versatility of LEGOs.
Each LEGO Architecture set includes a premium book including instructions and detailed information about the building. While LEGO Architecture has stood strong for over a decade, only a handful of releases drop a year, making sets from years past rare and extremely sought after by collectors. Thankfully, StockX has nearly every LEGO Architecture set ever released, all brand new and certified authentic by our team of experts. Shop our full catalog of LEGO Architecture sets now.