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Other apparel from the Hidden NY collection embodies a unique aesthetic founded in the art of streetwear and influenced by New York City's vibrant and diverse streets. Every piece of clothing is meticulously constructed to reflect the dynamic and diverse energy of the city, exhibiting an integration of urban effects, artistic elements, and current fashion styles. Hidden NY's designs, which include graphic tees, hosiery, shorts, and sweatshirts, as well as accouterments, exemplify the natural energy and boldness that characterize streetwear. You can peruse through our Other Apparel Brands collection to find your apparel of choice. Other apparel from the Hidden NY collection features collaborations with prominent artists, designers, and producers to guarantee that each item meets the most stringent craftsmanship standards. From high-quality fabric to meticulous embroidery and attention to detail, the clothing line demonstrates a dedication to presenting products that are not only fashionable but also durable. The primary fabric used for making the apparel is a premium blend of cotton and spandex. Cotton is an organic fabric that is known for its permeability, suppleness, and ability to draw away moisture, making it ideal for keeping the body dry and pleasant. The addition of elastane provides stretch and flexibility, allowing the garments to retain their shape over time and ensure a close fit. The Hidden NY Mesh Short Hunter Green is a favorite; demonstrating all Hidden NY's top-notch qualities. Other apparel from the Hidden NY collection also integrates groundbreaking component materials such as water-wicking blends, fast-drying fabrics, and anti-odor technologies to improve the performance as well as the functionality of the clothing. In general, other apparel from the Hidden NY collection features materials that provide comfort, efficiency, and style, ensuring a superior donning experience for those in search of stylish and functional apparel.





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