Bearbrick Rabbrick

The Bearbrick Rabbrick collectibles consist of nine movable parts, including a head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs. The collection features a combination of beauty, exoticness, strength, and durability. The Bearbrick Rabbrick is available in a variety of standard sizes. In terms of height, the standard one is 70 mm, or 100%. Keychains made from 35mm Bearbricks Rabbricks (half the size) are the most common use for them. The largest Bearbrick Rabbrickl size is 1000%, being 700 mm in length, and there are also Rabbricks that are 280 mm in length, or 400%. Most collectible Bearbrick Rabbricks are available in the 400% and 1000% versions. The Bearbrick Rabbrick collectibles are toys for collectors that resemble a hybrid between a bear and a rabbit. The collection includes a variety of sizes and colors of plastic bear and rabbit figurines. The collectibles’ collection features collaborations with artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and KAWS, and brands such as Chanel, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), and Disney. The Bearbrick Rabbrick collectibles features collaboration with Space Jam to produce Rabbrick Bugs Bunny 100% and 400% Set. The Rabbrick Bugs Bunny 100% and 400% Set includes two bunny figures measuring 2.75 and 11 inches and dressed in the Space Jam film's Tune Squad uniform kit. Bugs Bunny appears as a Rabbrick, the rabbit variant of the Bearbrick. The Bunny features rabbit ears instead of the conventional bear ears. Browse for more Bearbrick Collectibles and enhance your personal collection even more.


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Bearbrick x Space Jam Rabbrick Bugs Bunny 100% & 400% Set Grey

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