Rimowa has been owned since 2016 by LVHM, the powerhouse conglomerate that specializes in luxury goods. It's no surprise they picked up a family-run business in Germany known for their signature aluminum and polycarbonate suitcases, which are trusted by travelers all over the world to transport their belongings over many miles.

Rimowa suitcases and trunks were brought to life thanks to the company's love of the aviation industry and the Junkers F13 airplane (an all-metal aircraft from 1919! ), and they continue to be the inspiration behind the brand. The bag pushed itself to the top of the luxury and everyday travel industries by proving to be dependable yet affordable, stylish and chic.

While there are a number of collections, the majority include carry-on and checked luggage options in a variety of colors. One unique piece is the Trunk Plus, which is an ultralight yet extra-large suitcase that offers capacity for trips lasting longer than two weeks. Classic Cabin suitcases, for instance, include TSA-approved locks, a telescope handle, a height-adjustable flex divider, and their high-end Multiwheel© System pioneered by none other than Rimowa themselves.

Collaborations with Tiffany and Dior have resulted in new colors and products, such as the Dior x Rimowa personal clutch in Alumninum Pink. They have also ventured into incorporating their mainstay groove design into iPhone cases. The cases are durable and practical, just like the suitcases that inspired their design. All Rimowa products featured on StockX are brand new and certified authentic, so get buying and get selling today.





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Rimowa Aluminum Groove Case for iPhone XS Max

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