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Apple HomePod mini White

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Experience immersive room-filling sound, smart home controls, and the assistance of Siri when you need it with Apple HomePod products. The original Apple HomePod delivered high quality audio while supporting other applications in the Apple ecosystem. The Apple HomePod features spatial awareness in order to project the best audio in any room. The Apple HomePod also features multiroom audio, home theater connectivity with Apple TV 4K, and of course, is compatible with Siri. If you’re looking for a great sound with a smaller footprint, consider the Apple HomePod mini, which is now available in a plethora of colorways. Like the original Apple HomePod, the HomePod mini utilizes Siri to check calendar events, set alarms, complete tasks, check the weather, and more. Apple HomePod products can also connect to existing Apple devices and can accept incoming calls, listen to music from an iPhone or Mac, and can be used as a speaker for a TV. If you’re in the market for a smart home device, consider the Apple HomePod, which is always available on StockX.