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LEGO Heroes

Buy and Sell LEGO Heroes sets from some of your favorite characters in the Marvel and DC Universes now on StockX.

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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Speed Force Freeze Pursuit Set 76098

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LEGO holds a tradition of long partnerships with other companies and brands. Some of the more popular lines that fold within the LEGO Heroes umbrella include properties from the DC and Marvel franchises. Iconic characters such as Batman, the Joker, Iron Man, or Captain America are just a few of the products produced around the LEGO Heroes series. Special limited editions include the LEGO Marvel Black Widow Taskmaster's Ambush set, featuring the titular heroine and multiple side characters and accessories. If you're a fan of vehicles, the LEGO Heroes line includes sets featuring different iterations of DC's Batmobile throughout the years, including the original LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile modeled after the character's ride in the first film. For those who prefer full sets with structures and characters, there are LEGO Heroes sets such as the Avengers Tower Battle or the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sanctum.