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Funko Pop! Animation One Piece Eustass Kid 2023 Wondrous Convention Exclusive Figure #1287

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In 1998, designer Mike Becker launched Funko Pop! from his home in Washington. The company started as a toy manufacturer that produced bobbleheads, puppets and other collectibles. Brian Mariotti took over the company in 2005 and released a new line of licensed Funko Pop! products similar to what collectors buy and sell today. Over the years, Funko Pop! has released thousands of collectibles featuring popular characters from books, movies and TV shows as well as real people like celebrities and athletes. In addition to Western animation, Funko Pop! celebrates Japanese animation by releasing characters from popular anime. The Funko Pop! Anime collection includes characters from anime like My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, and more. Funko Pop! also pays homage to classic anime like Cowboy Bebop with a line of exclusive toys.