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Joan Cornella

Joan Cornellà creates cartoons and illustrations with adult content. His work fits into the genre of dark comedy and includes subjects like cannibalism, murder, drug addiction, and amputation. Much of his artwork has been seen in exhibitions across the world including Spain, the United States, Shang Hai, Hong Kong, Japan, and England. His work is seen as humorous by some and offensive by others. You can buy a piece of his work by investing in a vinyl figure of one of his characters, such as K-Love or Booty Bop. He has also authored a few books, including "Zonzo" and "Everyone Dies Alone".

There are several Joan Cornellà items that you can show off around your home. These can be conversation starters or pieces that get someone’s goat. One idea is the Booty Bop rug that shows the male character bent over, exposing his buttocks.

The vinyl figures are a favorite Joan Cornellà collectible. They stand about 10" tall and tell a story or send a message. For example, the Joan Cornella Humars Are A Virus Figure collectible is a character dressed in a burnt orange suit who is holding a sign that says "Humans are a Virus". This is a limited edition piece, which means that it was sold in a limited amount or for a limited time.

If you're interested in collectibles from adult cartoonists like Joan Cornellà, you should consider collecting memorabilia from some of the top mature animation shows or nighttime cartoons. Funko Pop! Animation has created figures for many of these memorable characters, including Johnny Bravo, Beavis and Butt-Head, and Homer Simpson.

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Joan Cornella Lampman Figure Edition of 300

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