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BAPE Tops/Sweatshirts

One of the first fashion brands to produce items for every aspect of daily life was BAPE, enabling streetwear aficionados to practically live a BAPE-branded lifestyle. The BAPE Shark hoodie is most likely one of the most recognizable items in A Bathing Ape history, along with a select few things like the Bapesta, camouflage outerwear, and famous lifestyle products. The BAPE offered an outrageous design and a plethora of distinctive elements when it first debuted in 2004. Its scarcity and various iterations distinguished it, It was the ideal blend of current style and quirky gimmicks.

The characteristic "shark" image on the BAPE sweatshirts was first influenced by military symbolism that would be seen on the hulls of battleships or even fighter planes. The recognizable tiger "a" symbol stands for "A Bathing Ape," and the initials "WGM" on the chenille varsity patches represent "World Gone Mad." Full-zip hoods weren't common at the time, but the Shark Hoodies offered a range of edgy and unique photo options. Other BAPE insignia, including the Bapesta Star, BAPE Camo, and the company's distinctive plaid pattern, would be included in the designs of later iterations of the BAPE Shark hoodie. The original BAPE Shark sweatshirt had a half-woodland camouflage hood and a straightforward block of color.

There are various other designs and color schemes in this BAPE sweatshirts merch collection. For instance, the Camo Green pullover, which features a bathing ape logo on its chest with kangaroo pockets and adjustable cords on the hood for adjustment. The logo combines several various components in its design. To start, it's a clear nod to military camouflage fits.

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