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In the spring of 2018, a groundbreaking collaboration occurred between design label Balenciaga and footwear brand Crocs, one which some assumed would be a one-time partnership, but which instead continues to result in new and unexpected footwear. Historically, high fashion and comfort have not gone hand-in-hand, one element often taking precedence over the other. With Balenciaga Crocs, the height of luxury meets the everyday in an unprecedented way.

Balenciaga Crocs maintain the same characteristics at their base as a standard pair of Crocs, from their lightweight foam construction to their forefoot ventilation holes. However, their silhouettes and details have been reimagined to take a more minimalist approach to their design. Additionally, the signature Crocs charms, called Jibbitz, have been replaced by ones branded with the Balenciaga label for a more refined aesthetic.

A popular example of this merging of brands is the Balenciaga Croc that has been reinvented as a boot, with an upper that has been expanded to reach up over the calf. This modification that allows you to take your Crocs anywhere with you, in any sort of weather.

Whether in the streets or on the runway, Balenciaga Crocs have been worn in several ways, with their minimalist designs offering a great deal of versatility when it comes to styling options. But they are hardly all that the Balenciaga line has to offer. To further elevate the look of your Crocs, consider styling them with additional accessories from this highly revered luxury brand. From handbags to belts to gloves and more, Balenciaga's diversity and quality of products will be sure to draw your eye.

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