In 2016, the MSCHF Art Collective burst on the scene, dazzling people, confusing people, and undeniably intriguing people. Their items become iconic the moment they are released, coveted by collectors, trendsetters, and anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge. Buying, owning, and wearing MSCHF sneakers is a sure-fire way to turn people's heads.

Sneakers and footwear items by MSCHF cover an array of eclectic silhouettes, styles, and designs. You can find brightly colored, cartoonish boots made of TPU rubber and EVA foam, as well as sneakers dubbed “Super Normal," such as the Super Normal 2 Mint. If you want something in a sandal, check out the AC2 Gray, with its open-toe construction on a futuristic-looking slide. The AC1 Gray looks more like a ski boot than a sneaker, but it’s ready for everyday wear. If you are looking for stumbling stylish that will make you undeniably avant-garde on the fashion and culture scene, this is the way to go.

The art collective and production studio MSCHF became so instantly popular that other giants of the fashion and culture scene were eager to work with them, even though the MSCHF has gained a reputation for ironic self-cynicism. As a result, you can find some powerhouse collaborations, such as the MSCHF X Reebok Pump Omni Zone IX sneaker, or the MSCHF X Crocs Big Red Boot in the color yellow.

The vibe of MSCHF sneakers and footwear will add an element of defiant style to any outfit, especially if you’re decked out in streetwear from names like Bathing Ape, Kith, Fear of God, Yeezy, and Supreme. You can wear this footwear that’s at once iconic and iconoclastic however you want, to create an eclectic style of your own.

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