Saint Michael

First created in the year 2020, Saint Michel is a clothing brand that was founded by American visual artists Cali Hill Dewitt and Yuta Hosokawa. It is oftentimes compared to the brand Bape due to the similar styles. The brand has a variety of ready-made items that are designed to have a realistic vintage feel while also featuring bright graphic prints.

All of the items from the Saint Michel brand are created with a flat seamer and a special sewing machine. High-quality threads are also incorporated to provide a comfortable feel and a smooth finish. Many of the products are also created out of 100% natural fabrics, including sustainable cotton, allowing for them to be both breathable and comfortable, as well as durable.

In the different collections released by Saint Michel, you will find a selection of crew necks, button-up shirts, backpacks, pajama pants, and socks. Many of the items have neutral bases and then feature pops of color on top. There have also been some special collection releases that feature items like letterman jackets, shorts, and sweatpants.

Saint Michel has also done numerous collaborations with other brands and artists. For example, the Saint Mxxxxxx x Denim Tears Graffiti Hoodie was made in collaboration with the fashion brand Denim Tears. This garment has a light grey base and is made from cotton material that is 100% natural. It has long sleeves, an adjustable hood, ribbed trim around the edges, and a straight hem. That graphic print that is featured all over the hoodie has several main colors, including purple, white, blue, and red.





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Saint Mxxxxxx x Denim Tears Graffiti Hoodie Grey

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