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Juce Gace

Pop culture toy designer Juce Gace has created funny characters that fans have grown to appreciate. Gace, a French artist, brought these characters to life in wood. These wooden figurines have life-like qualities. They are very expressive, with exaggerated facial gestures and physical signs of excitement. Adding to the fun, they are always dressed in costumes that tell a story. His toys have been on exhibit in Singapore and Paris. In addition to art and toy design, he is also a filmmaker, radio show host, and graphic artist.

Juce Gace's classic edition figurine is a good place to start your collection. It comes in the standard 10-inch size, or you can buy the Juce Gace x Might Jaxx Supersized A Wood Awakening (Classic Edition) Figure which stands 20 inches tall. You can also invest in the exclusive Chrome Gold edition of the Wood Awakening figurine. It is made of porcelain but is gold-plated to give it a shiny finish.

These collectibles might resemble toys, but they are not meant for kids. Often referred to as Wood Awakening Figurines because of their naughty subject matter. More emphasis on that you can find in the holiday collections. If you're looking for a special piece in the Juce Gace collection, you should invest in a figurine from one of its holiday editions, such as the Juce Gace x Mighty Jaxx Snow Balls Figure.

Along with collectibles by Juce Grace, other artists like Mighty Jaxx produce different lines. You can also find works by Jason Freeny, the anatomical artist and creator of dissectible toys. There is also Joan Cornella, who is known for his dark humor and irreverent toys such as the selfie gun or the booty bop figurine. Whatever your collector's heart craves, you can find in StockX.

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Juce Gace "I Am Wood" Figure

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