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Chanel Flap

The history of the Chanel Flap bag can be traced all the way back to 1955. Chanel had actually already been producing handbags for more than two decades by that point, but at the time, most bags still required women to carry their bags around in their hands. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel wanted to introduce a bag that would allow them to carry their bags over their shoulders, and this led to the birth of the first Chanel Flap bag.

The Chanel Flap would go on to evolve quite a bit in the years to come, including in the early 1980s, when Karl Lagerfeld would replace the twisting lock that had been used on the front of the bag with a clasp that was made to look like the interlocking CC Chanel logo. This clasp is still used on the front of many Chanel Flap bags, like the Chanel Classic Double Flap bag and others.

There have also been many other upgrades made to the Chanel Flap bag over the years. For example, most of the original bags were black, but today, they can be found in a wide range of colors. These bags are available in red, white, pink, purple, gold, and more. There are even a few Flap bags from Chanel that are transparent, such as this Chanel Flap Bag Transparent that is constructed out of materials like PVC and lambskin.

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Chanel Classic Double Flap Quilted Caviar Gold-tone Medium Black

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