Where is StockX located?


StockX is an online marketplace headquartered in Detroit, MI. We have teams in place across the globe to support StockX customers.

Verification Centers

Our Verification Centers are globally-located:

  • Detroit, MI
  • West Caldwell, NJ
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Tempe, AZ


  • Eindhoven, NE
  • London, ENG
  • Hong Kong, CHN
  • Melbourne, AUST
  • Seoul, KOR
  • Toronto, CA
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Mexico City, MX


Drop-Off Locations

We have Seller drop-off locations in New York, Hong Kong, London and Tokyo.

For more information on utilizing a StockX drop-off location and hours of operation specific to each location, refer to our FAQ: StockX Drop-Off Locations.

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