How long does my Seller have to ship my order?


In most cases, your seller has two full business days to ship your item. Please note that the day you make the purchase does NOT count as a full business day. 

If you purchase an item on, or shortly after the item’s release date, the Seller may have additional time to ship, to accommodate the time it takes for the Seller to receive the item from the brand or retailer. Some examples are highlighted below:

  • Sellers have one additional business day to ship new release sneakers (3 full business days total).
  • Sellers have three additional business days to ship new release Supreme (5 full business days total).
  • Sellers may have up to ten additional business days to ship new release KAWS (12 full business days total).
  • StockX may provide additional business days to ship various new release items at our sole discretion.

Also note that Sellers may request one additional day to ship for any order. Please also consider that your Seller may be in a different time zone (and continent) than you, meaning the exact time they must ship your order by is dependent on their location at the time of sale. 

If the Seller does not ship by their deadline, a full and complete refund will be automatically issued to your original payment method, or you may be linked with a new Seller to prevent your order from being canceled. 

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