What happens if my item gets lost or damaged while selling on StockX?

Although rare, packages have the potential to be lost or damaged during the shipping process to StockX. For this reason we ask that all Sellers obtain a drop-off receipt and keep it until the order is complete. In the event there is an issue with your package in transit after departing from the drop-off location, StockX will start an investigation with the delivery carrier to make reaching a resolution as simple as possible for you. Please keep in mind that the process may take up to 10 business days from the start of the investigation. More information about this can be found within our Terms and Conditions.
To get a case started, simply Contact Us and enter the details for your inquiry. Please include as much information as possible for your specific situation, as this will greatly decrease the investigation time.

You'll enter these details:
  • Type (ex. Selling)
  • Sub-Type (ex. Current Order - Sales)
  • Contact Reason (ex. Item not received but shows delivered)
Review the scenarios below to determine claims eligibility.
I dropped off my item at an access point or left it for pickup with a third party carrier:
We encourage you to drop-off all packages at the carrier’s designated store. StockX will not be liable for packages that are dropped off with the applicable carrier via third-party access points (e.g. UPS Access Point Drop-off Lockers, CVS Pharmacy, Staples, etc.).
Utilizing an access point or third party service to ship your package may cause a delay in your order reflecting as shipped. An order will not be marked as “en route” until the origin scan from the carrier has been received. Due to possible delays in item scanning when using an access point, this may affect any Quick Ship Bonuses, or cause an order to be canceled if not received in time by the carrier from the access point.
While we will continue to cover pickups carried out by the designated shipping carrier, StockX is unable to accept liability for packages that are picked up by third-party shipping service providers.
  • Claims eligibility: We are unable to initiate a claim for your package when using an access point or third-party carrier.
My item never left drop-off / It’s been more than 3 days, and I haven’t seen an update to the tracking information:
If your tracking information indicates that your package has not left the drop-off location, it is best that you reach out to that exact location for more information or to retrieve your item. Your item should still be at that location because there are no other physical scans indicating it has progressed through the carrier system.
  • Claims eligibility: We are unable to initiate a claim for your package if it never left the drop-off location.

My tracking information shows my item was delivered to the facility, but it has not yet been received by StockX:
If your tracking information shows your item was delivered to our facility, but it was not received by StockX, check to ensure it hasn’t been less than 2 days since your tracking information has updated, as it may simply be awaiting an inbound scan into our facility. If on the third day your item still shows no signs of movement, Contact Us.
  • Claims eligibility: In order to assist with an item lost in transit, the carrier’s tracking information must be active at the time of contacting StockX.

My item was returned to me for failing verification, but it was marked delivered by the carrier and I have not received it:
In the event your tracking information shows your package was delivered, but you did not receive it, we ask that you check with nearby neighbors to see if your package was accidentally delivered to the wrong address, or check with the front desk of your residential complex to see if they are holding your package.
If you are still unable to locate your package, contact StockX support and we will start an investigation with the delivery carrier. If you have already started an investigation with the carrier, please know that we must complete our own internal investigation.
We will contact you as soon as we receive information back from the carrier.

My item was returned to me for failing verification, but was delivered damaged:

If you received your item back damaged from the carrier, please contact StockX support and include your order number and a photo(s) of the issue you're referring to so we can review it.
  • Claims eligibility: You must reach out to StockX within 10 days of your tracking information saying "delivered" in order for us to initiate a claim for your package. Be sure to include a picture of the shipping box in full for this type of claim.

My item was returned to me for failing verification, but was unable to be delivered due to using an unverified address:
StockX cannot file a claim with the shipping carrier on your behalf if an unverified address was used.
  • Claims eligibility: In order to ensure the safe delivery of your item by our carrier, we always recommend selecting an address that is able to be verified in our system. If you choose to continue using an unverified address for shipping, StockX waives responsibility of the item, and your right to initiate a claim is therefore forfeited.

My bulk shipment arrived to the Verification Center with an item missing:
We recommend completing a thorough inspection of your bulk shipment prior to sending it to our facility.
  • Claims eligibility: We are unable to initiate a claim for any items that are missing from the shipment upon arrival.
I used a PO Box for return delivery but I never received my item back
The use of PO boxes for deliveries are prohibited on the platform for Buyers and Sellers. As a result we are unable to process claims for items delivered to a PO box.