What should I do if I think my account has been hacked or compromised?


If you think your account security has been compromised, StockX recommends that you change your password immediately, using the instructions provided in our FAQ: How Do I Reset My StockX Password?


If you can't access your account, please Contact Us right away by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the Help Center page (or down below). Please refrain from creating a new StockX account prior to contacting. Doing so may result in additional suspensions, extended response times and other possible account complications.  



What should I do if I receive an unauthorized charge from StockX?


If you see an unauthorized charge being made through your StockX account, it's our goal to assist you as quickly as possible. We recommend you get in touch with StockX Support to alert us to the charge so we can investigate and identify a resolution.


Issuing a chargeback as a result of a fraudulent charge without contacting StockX Support first may result in your account being locked, so please reach out to StockX as soon as you notice an unauthorized purchase prior to contacting your bank. Our Support Team will work quickly to assist with the reconciliation process.



Is my payment information at risk if my StockX account Is compromised?


No. Your payment information is not stored on StockX, but through our payment processing partners. Even if someone gains access to your StockX account without authorization, this information will remain safe.


Additionally if requested, StockX will delete your payment information in the result of a compromised account, and you can then re-update it in your Account Settings.

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