What kinds of electronics does StockX sell?

StockX is home to a wide variety of consumer electronics, from the newest video game consoles to AirPods, graphics cards and much more.

What are the condition guidelines for electronics sold on StockX?
Due to their unique nature, all electronics sold on StockX must be in brand new or “Pre-Owned Excellent” condition. New items that are sold sealed by the manufacturer (with shrink wrap or a sticker) are required to be sold on StockX in the same condition. There cannot be any sign of damage, use or tampering. Pre-Owned items are meticulously refurbished, reconditioned, and inspected by manufacturers or authorized resellers to pristine, like-new conditions. More information about pre-owned items can be found on our FAQ: Certified Refurbished Electronics.

How should electronics be shipped to StockX?
When shipping electronics to StockX, please ensure that the item is securely packaged. Follow our Shipping Instructions for all products from this FAQ: Shipping Instructions.