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What are “Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics on StockX?

“Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics are Certified Refurbished or premium conditioned Certified Pre-Owned products that have been meticulously refurbished, reconditioned, and inspected by manufacturers or authorized resellers to pristine, like-new and fully functional conditions.  These products look and work just like brand new products. All StockX’s “Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics come with warranties backed by manufacturers or authorized Sellers, so you know you are covered with your purchase.

What is the verification process for “Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics?

Just like other products on our site, our dedicated team of authenticators will thoroughly inspect each product to make sure it is in pristine, like-new condition and ensure it is coming from a select authorized Seller approved by StockX. We are also taking additional measures to audit and monitor the work quality of vetted Sellers to ensure only the best conditioned refurbished products are available on the marketplace.

Who can sell “Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics?

Only direct manufacturers and resellers authorized by the manufacturers and StockX may sell “Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics on the marketplace.

Sellers will have to meet our strict on-site vetting process to sell these items. If you are interested in selling electronics in “Pre-Owned Excellent” condition, please email [email protected] and we will contact you with the next steps to be included in the program. 

Do “Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics have warranties?

Since our “Pre-Owned Excellent” electronics are backed by manufacturers and authorized resellers, they do come with product warranties. The warranty period varies depending on the brand, product type, and Seller. To exercise your warranty, you can either contact the manufacturers directly, or follow the warranty redemption process contained in the box. 

Note: For Apple Certified Refurbished products, the fastest way to exercise the warranty is to visit the Apple Store directly and provide the necessary information so the warranty may be honored.

I’m interested in exercising my warranty. What do I do?

If you’re interested in exercising your warranty, Contact Us, providing your order number so our team can review your purchase. Once your inquiry is received, a member of our team will provide you with the email address necessary to contact the authorized Seller. From there, you will need to reach out to them directly, explaining the reasoning for your warranty claim. 

How do I ship my item back to the authorized Seller?

When sending your item back to the authorized Seller, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. As accidental damage is not included in the warranty, please place the original product box and all of its contents inside a second box with sufficient dunnage to prevent further damage during shipment. If damage does occur, you will need to reach out to our carrier partner for further assistance. Please note, for the best experience, we do recommend purchasing insurance for your returning item. 




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