My item has been marked as "Awaiting Collection" at a StockX verification centre for a long while – what now?


Due to the nature of deliveries, it's not uncommon for StockX packages to take anything from 1–2 days to be received by the delivery service after being verified. You will always receive an email to notify you that the item has been verified and picked up by the delivery service. 


More in-depth updates can always be accessed by checking the "Pending" section of your StockX Buying tab too. If you are not receiving emails from StockX regarding your order status, please ensure that you have opted in to those emails in your StockX account and check your spam and junk folders to make sure these emails are not being sent to there.


If you have waited more than 5 days with no update in your shipping status, you can visit the Help page on StockX and select the "Contact Us" button to create a case for more options.




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