Diciembre 20, 2023

Gifts for the Trendsetter

Exsar Arguello

Exsar Arguello is an Editorial freelancer for StockX.

Head-turning gifts inspired by the biggest fashion moments this year.

Head-turning gifts inspired by the biggest fashion moments this year.

2023 was big for the “core”. We saw the Y2K revival take different forms, Nu-metal popped off, bling-era rap began its comeback, Gen-X Soft Club won the hearts of Gen Z (like their parents before them), and the lines of what traditional street culture became increasingly blurred. Quiet luxury took over and streetwear giants elevated their branding and identity to incorporate ideologies from other sub-cultures. You get the point — fashion is at a place now where individuality and expression through genuine interest in the music, art, culture, and fashion of the past are creating an environment of inclusivity and experimentation. 

That said, shopping for the fashion-forward loved one in your life who’s constantly evolving their style based on new and emerging trends can be challenging. Our list will help break down what’s “cool” and ensure you buy the perfect gift. 

Telfar Small Patent Shopping Bag

Telfar’s repertoire of handbags follows a relatively simple yet successful formula. Most of Telfar’s bags feature a tote bag-esque design, only available in three different sizes. However, this has enabled the brand to experiment within these boundaries, like a painter creating new art with each 18” x 24” canvas. 

The Telfar Small Patent Shopping Bag is a perfect example of this. The bag features the now-classic all-black Telfar shopping bag with a patent leather design. This gives the bag a shimmer and shine you would normally find with patent leather boots and clothing, adding an elevated touch to the design.

Supreme Chest Stripe Sweater (FW23)

You can’t mention trends without giving a nod to Supreme. The latest collection for Fall/Winter 23 stands out as one of Supreme’s most impressive in recent memory, with a slew of unique sweaters and outwear pieces that could share elbow room with designs from luxury houses. 

One notable item from this collection is the Chest Stripe Sweater. This warm knit sweater showcases a fusion of pinkish-purple tones, prominently featuring the iconic “Supreme” logo. If you’re seeking an ideal gift for someone with a profound affinity for Supreme, consider their fall/winter 2023 collection. Outside of the Chest Stripe Sweater, there are plenty of pieces that a trendsetter would love. 

Rabanne H&M Embroidered Wool Jacket

Swedish retailer Rabanne released a slew of pieces in collaboration with H&M, showcasing exceptional tailoring and a blend of materials that evoke luxury and sophistication. The pieces are loud, statement items that work as great accent pieces for any wardrobe, inspired by popular motifs of the past with materials like recycled glass, PET sequins, and even chainmail. 

One of the boldest pieces from the collaboration is the Rabanne H&M Embroidered Wool Jacket, inspired by European military uniforms centuries gone. The piece features a blend of black, gold, and red colors, with gold trim accenting the buttons, and plant design on the sleeves, neckline, and wrist accents. The piece features incredible embroidery throughout, and custom gold “R” Rabanne buttons. It’s a piece whose beauty only grows the more you look at it — a head-turner, statement outwear garment that will demand a level of confidence to wear. For the trendsetter, perhaps there’s nothing more perfect. 

Jacquemus Le Bambino Long (Red)

There isn’t a brand on top of the handbag world like Jacquemus. Teetering the line between luxury and streetwear, Jacquemus has hit both audiences with success and praise, creating bags that are both trendy and timeless. 

The Jacquemus Le Bambino Long in Red is a bold take on the satchel design, and the red colorway makes it a statement handbag with any outfit. Fashioned from lustrous red leather, the Jacquemus Le Bambino Long Shoulder Bag boasts a sleek and uniform texture, enhanced by elegant silver-toned metal embellishments. The Jacquemus logo is artfully imprinted in silver on the front of the bag. Every trendsetter needs a Jacquemus bag, and the La Babino is a great first addition to the collection.

adidas x Wales Bonner Samba (Silver)

The Samba had one of the best years in its history in 2023, in part thanks to fashion’s cyclical nature. But credit has to be given to the Wales Bonner x adidas collaboration, bringing new life to a sneaker that has survived generations. Partnering with the inventive Wales Bonner, adidas pays tribute to one of the most important sneakers in the brand’s history. The sneakers boast high-quality leather overlays that gleam with a polished Silver sheen. adidas’ distinctive three stripes take on a woven off-white contrast, and the brown sole of the shoe introduces a retro element to an otherwise futuristic look.

Accentuated with a Wales Bonner signature charm, each sneaker in the collaboration feels unique while respecting the original silhouette of the samba. It was perhaps one of the most popular collabs of the year and helped write another important chapter in the Samba legacy.

Diesel M-Onerva Top

Diesel’s comeback in 2023 is tied to the Y2K revival, and the brand seems to have embraced this comeback with a slew of new connections that are both inspired by archive Diesel in a modern context. 

If you’re looking to stay on top of some of the biggest trends of the year, adding a Diesel piece to your collection is a great way to end 2023. The Diesel M-Onerva Top is a black tank top accented by a silver, puff-print “D” Diesel logo. The understated logo pays homage to Gen-X Soft Club, a sub-culture within the Y2K-sphere that was prominent in the 1990s. It’s retro and futuristic at the same time, a great piece for a trendsetter who wants to pay homage to some of the lesser-known influences of the past that are still prominent today.


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