Accessories - Septiembre 12, 2023

How To Build a Quiet Luxury Wardrobe

Chloe Parr

Chloe is a Content Creator, Creative Strategist + Fashion Writer

The staple pieces you need to channel the stealth wealth aesthetic this season.

The staple pieces you need to channel the stealth wealth aesthetic this season.

If you’ve been on TikTok or scrolled through Instagram lately, it’s very likely you’ve heard the term Quiet Luxury. The phrase is as frequent in fashion as Messi’s goal scoring is in the MLS right now. So what exactly is Quiet Luxury? 

Quiet Luxury is basically new-age minimalism. Similar to 90s Minimalism, Quiet Luxury has an emphasis on neutral color palettes and limited logos (if any at all). It’s all about curating a capsule wardrobe that puts high quality investment pieces and timeless staples above trends and fast fashion. If you still can’t picture it, think Sofia Richie’s wedding looks, The Row’s entire brand identity, or Succession’s Old Money style aesthetic. The main attributes of Quiet Luxury are refined tailoring, subtle or sans logos, high quality materials, classic silhouettes, and elevated simplicity.

Why I love Quiet Luxury is that it promotes sustainability in fashion. Instead of cycling through the latest trends and fast fashion purchases every season, Quiet Luxury focuses on thoughtful shopping and quality over quantity. It’s a more minimalist approach to dressing and the intention is to last – not just for the season, but for a lifetime. It’s important to note that while “stealth wealth” and “old money” are words commonly used alongside Quiet Luxury, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to channel the style. Just remember, Quiet Luxury is not strictly about being expensive; it’s about looking expensive. And that comes from timeless basics, classic accessories, and elevated layering pieces.

So now that we’re up to speed on Quiet Luxury, where do you start on building a timeless capsule wardrobe? The good news is that it’s simpler than you think. All you need are the essential building blocks that seamlessly pair with the rest of your closet. Here are the steps into creating your perfect Quiet Luxury wardrobe this fall, including top picks from StockX. 

Step 1: Forever Footwear

When it comes to Quiet Luxury, you want to invest in footwear staples that will never go out of style. While Barbiecore platforms and metallic kitten heels are fun for the moment, think core silhouettes that transcend seasonal styles and last a lifetime. First up: loafers. There’s nothing more classic than the Gucci Horsebit Slip On Loafer. The style has been in the Gucci catalog since the 1950s, with its soft Italian leather and preppy-inspired build. I love how the design’s only branding is seen in the horsebit detail for a luxury IYKYK moment. This version of the iconic Gucci loafer is also extremely versatile, as you can fold down the back heel for a slip-on iteration.

Another classic footwear choice for a Quiet Luxury wardrobe is the ballet flat. There’s a reason why Quiet Luxury OGs Mary Kate & Ashley have been wearing flats since they stepped out into the fashion spotlight. Ballet flats elevate any outfit and look timelessly chic. The style to start with? The Miu Miu Ballerinas. It’s the flat that brought Balletcore back into the style conversation and are well worth the investment. They combine the original design of a ballet flat with modern touches, including the Miu Miu knitted logo and elastic band. Pair the femininity of the ballet flat with more menswear pieces– including an oversized blazer– for a cool modern minimalist look.

And we can’t forget about the sneaker category. For Quiet Luxury, it’s not about the current hype; it’s about the greatest hits. Or in other words, a brand’s most iconic style that keeps getting modern updates. That’s when you know a sneaker is forever. The Maison Margiela Replica in White Grey Gum is the perfect example. Taking notes from Austrian sports shoes from the 70s, the iconic Replica sneaker has a sophisticated, clean build and the style is continuously updated with seasonal inspirations. The flat sole and minimalist details give this sneaker a retro feel, adding a touch of timelessness to any everyday outfit.  

Step 2: In The Know Handbags

Luxury handbags take your Quiet Luxury wardrobe to the next level. This step isn’t about quick gratification. It’s about the long game, investing over time in classic luxury styles that you’ll hold onto or pass down forever. A high quality handbag is worth saving up for, as they only become more valuable over time (think of it like an investment, not a gift). So when it comes to kicking off your collection, start with a brand that focuses on splurge-worthy materials and subtle luxury over logo hype and color trends. The Bottega Veneta Small Andiamo Bag in Fondant is the perfect choice. As the saying goes: money talks, but wealth whispers, and Bottega Veneta has captured this statement in their simplistic yet high quality designs. Their handbags don’t include any logos, just luxurious details. The Andiamo Bag has Bottega Veneta’s famous intreccio lambskin leather. This woven pattern is the only recognizable factor that signifies you’re carrying Bottega. The classic structure and two straps keep this bag classic and versatile in the modern age. You can either use it as a small tote with the crossbody strap or carry it at night with the top handle. It’s a bag you’ll keep forever and most importantly, use all the time. Other Quiet Luxury brands to include in your capsule collection are Loewe’s iconic Puzzle Bag and Celine’s Triomphe Bag. 

Step 3: Luxurious Layering

The last step in building your best Quiet Luxury wardrobe is focusing on elevated layering pieces. Quiet Luxury focuses on the basics, with the base of most looks consisting of simple yet well-fitted pieces, including the perfect white tee, classic denim, and tailored trousers. Now comes the Quiet Luxury finishing touch. Jackets, blazers, and dress shirts take your timeless basics to a styled, elevated look. Take for example a white tee and jeans. Now add an oversized, tailored blazer and you have a pulled together, chic outfit. The best part about luxury layers is that they go the distance, pairing well with just about anything and making them highly wearable no matter the season. 

Along with a blazer in your favorite neutral color, make sure to add a stylish cardigan to your wardrobe. The AMI Paris Ami De Coeur Extrafine Merino Wool Cardigan gives you that Old Money aesthetic without breaking the bank. This cardigan has been a staple in AMI Paris’s catalog for awhile, as it’s a tried and true staple buyers keep coming back for. The cardigan is made entirely of wool and features the small AMI Paris logo on the chest. A modern style tip is to just button a few middle buttons of the cardigan, leaving the top and bottom open to show off your belt and elevate the look. 

Another Quiet Luxury layering must-have is a button up shirt. If you want to modernize this Quiet Luxury layering piece, try a denim version like the Bottega Veneta Light Washed Denim Relaxed Fit Shirt. The style subtly taps into the current distressed trend for fall while still looking timeless with the tailored structure. I love the relaxed fit, as it gives the style an effortless sophistication. To keep this shirt more Quiet Luxury versus Y2K, avoid a denim-on-denim look and pair the shirt over a pair of tailored trousers or a minimalist maxi dress.