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Y2K is Still Here: How To Refresh the Trend for the Upcoming Season

Chloe Parr

Chloe is a Content Creator, Creative Strategist + Fashion Writer

Channel the early 2000s with these top picks from StockX.

Channel the early 2000s with these top picks from StockX.

POV: It’s 2003. You’re running late to meet up with friends. Britney’s “Toxic” is stuck in your head as you over-straighten your side swept bangs to the point of no return. Blue eyeshadow is complete. Now you hurriedly throw on your favorite go-to outfit: Von Dutch trucker hat, chunky Skechers sneakers, a Coach shoulder bag, and of course your favorite low-rise Diesel jeans. Before heading out the door, you can’t forget your Lancôme Juicy Tube and hot pink Razr flip phone. 

If you’re a Millennial, you know this story all too well. And now thanks to Gen Z, Y2K isn’t just an old Facebook album of questionable outfits; it’s a revived trend dominating the fashion landscape as brands and influencers are recreating styles from the era on TikTok and social media. This early 2000s craze is defined by sassy baby tees, lowrise denim, logomania, cargo pants, punk pop grunge, butterfly clips, bulky sneakers, and glitter galore. As the world entered a new century, fashion took inspiration from cultural and technological advancements. The dot-com boom inspired futuristic styles and playful designs while new pop culture hits in television and film (Sex and the City, Mean Girls, The O.C.) and music (Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Destiny’s Child) brought girly school girl, artsy grunge, and hip hop elements into fashion trends. Think Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s street style, Britney Spears’ “dump him” fit, Avril Lavigne’s punk Sk8er girl looks, or the entire Mean Girls aesthetic. Y2K fashion is all about embracing being extra– whether it’s girly and sparkly or grungy and rebellious.    

Just like the early 90s are for Millennials, Y2K fulfills the current generation’s need for nostalgia. While many trendsetters are sourcing vintage finds straight from the era, brands are also reviving the Y2K trend by modernizing former designs and making them feel fresh again. Take for example Diesel’s entire comeback this year, as new Creative Director Glenn Martens took inspiration from the brand’s Y2K aesthetic but updated the collections with modern touches, like the futuristic 1DR Shoulder Bag. While on the runway, Versace’s Spring Summer 2023 show starred models in glittering crystal chain dresses and hot pink fingerless gloves, with Y2K Queen herself Paris Hilton closing out the show.

Now Skechers is collaborating with Doja Cat on a limited-edition collection inspired by the brand’s iconic Y2K Skechers D’Lites design. Touched by the hand of Scarlet, this new capsule features five Doja’Lite sneakers, keeping the same Y2K signature build as the classic, but giving the style a modern makeover with new colorways, premium materials, and grungecore details. Two colorways are releasing first on September 21 at 12pm ET exclusively on StockX. 

So it’s safe to say, Y2K is still here and hotter than ever. Refresh the trend for the upcoming season with these top picks from StockX. 

Skechers x Doja Cat: Doja’Lite

Tap into the Y2K era with these exclusive sneakers from the Skechers x Doja Cat collaboration. As the first Artist-in-Residence at Skechers, Doja Cat brings her style influence to the legendary sneaker brand with a capsule inspired by the classic Skechers D’Lites. The Doja’Lite sneaker draws inspiration from the early 2000s with its elevated platform and chunky build. However, the pop punk updates in the collaboration bring these nostalgic sneakers into the current fashion era. The premium patent leather gives the sneaker a sleek yet subtle shine, while the genuine suede and metallic marble or translucent pearlized lug bottoms fuse stylish ruggedness into the design. It’s these modern details that make the Y2K sneaker feel current and fresh for the upcoming season. The collection comes in five unique colorways, with the black and white pairs releasing early on StockX on September 21. Style the all-black pair with your favorite baby tee, spiky bun, and baggy denim for a trendy girly goth moment. 

Diesel B-1dr Belt

If you rewind 20 years, you would notice that the early 2000s marked a time when unnecessary belts were a go-to styling trend. You know the vibe– when you would wear a low-rise, oversized belt over a dress for no reason at all other than wanting to over-accessorize. Well the good news is that the randomness of belts can stay in 2004. However, very necessary and purposeful belts are definitely here to stay in the modern age. While Diesel is known for its alternative take on denim, the accessories in recent collections have really ignited the current brand comeback. Diesel’s B-1dr Belt taps into the early aughts with its oversized buckle and antiqued silver ‘D’ logo. The combination of the soft Italian leather with the iconic Diesel buckle takes this Y2K staple into the current fashion cycle while still giving a nod to nostalgia. It’s edgy meets iconic, and the perfect accessory piece for fall.

Prada Re-Edition 2000 Crystal Mini Bag

Y2K bags are a whole aesthetic trend in itself. There’s even an Instagram account for it. The handbag styles of the early 2000s era are synonymous with mini baguette shoulder bags, slouchy hobos, logo mania, and glitter. To refresh the Y2K bag trend for fall, go for a modernized vintage style from an iconic brand. The Prada Re-Edition 2000 Crystal Mini Bag is an updated design from the early 2000s version. While there are many similarities in the shape and size of the original and Re-Edition, the biggest difference of the new version is functional details. The Re-Edition has a more structured interior and features a removable crossbody strap. My favorite is the crystal special edition version for an elevated take on Y2K bedazzlement. Paired with the satin finish, iconic Prada logo and mini hobo shape, the Y2K-inspired synthetic crystals give the bag a luxurious fresh feel.  As Paris Hilton would say, “that’s hot”. 

Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag

Growing up in a suburb outside of Chicago (cue Mean Girls reference here), I remember a Coach shoulder bag was the must-have style statement for high school. There was nothing more chic than a slouchy shoulder bag with monogrammed C’s all over it to give you that instant trendsetter status in the hallways. And as fashion is cyclical in nature, it was only a matter of time before the Coach brand reappeared in current fashion culture. For heritage brands that seemed to lose their touch as times changed since 2004 (see Diesel above), the resurgence of Y2K trends is a smart opportunity for them to update old styles and reconnect with new customers. The Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag was the brand’s first major breakout style in recent years, with its more affordable price point and Y2K-inspired shoulder bag style capturing the attention of Gen Z and their nostalgia obsession. The Tabby Shoulder Bag comes in a variety of colors, but there’s something about the ivory color that adds an unexpected coolness to the typical fall wardrobe color palettes.