Supreme André 3000 T-shirt

August 25, 2022

Supreme André 3000 T-shirt: StockX Pick of the Week

Nick Matthies

Nick Matthies is a Content Manager at StockX.

Officially entering their Tremaine Emory Era, Supreme has released their André 3000 T-shirt, a piece that marks the beginning of what’s next for the brand.

Officially entering their Tremaine Emory Era, Supreme has released their André 3000 T-shirt, a piece that marks the beginning of what’s next for the brand.

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When Supreme announced earlier this year that they’d be appointing Tremaine Emory as their new creative director, the internet began to murmur about the potential return of the New York streetwear brand’s glory days. Supreme has been a force of popular culture over the last decade, but without a creative lead for more than five years and their 2.1 billion dollar sale in 2020, the brand’s influence has been on the decline. With the announcement of Emory for Creative Director, fans of Supreme have been eagerly waiting to see what the No Vacancy Inn and Denim Tears founder’s vision will look like. Fortunately for both newer and longtime fans of the brand, Tremaine Emory has kicked his first season off with a bang. For Week 1 of Fall/Winter 2022, the brand has delivered the Supreme André 3000 T-shirt, which leads the collection and shows off Emory’s ability to inject the label with the kind of energy that originally excited fans in the early 2010s.

The Supreme André 3000 T-shirt, and the campaign that accompanies it, is exactly what fans will have been hoping for at the dawn of the Tremaine Emory era. André 3000 is an artist of a legendary pedigree who’s also widely recognized as a fashion icon, particularly during the 2000’s. As one of popular culture’s most thoughtful and reflective icons, a man who has achieved incredible commercial success as well as seeming spiritual enlightenment, his 2022 endorsement of Tremaine Emory’s Supreme is a very big deal. Supreme’s André 3000 T-shirt features an image of the artist on its chest, wearing a classic white Box Logo T-shirt underneath a well worn vintage army jacket and a pair of vintage workman overalls. The photo oozes with authenticity, as André’s outfit, aside from the Supreme Box Logo, is one he’s been spotted wearing for years and by the looks of it, he’s going to wear it until it falls apart.

In addition to the Supreme André 3000 T-shirt, the brand is using this partnership as a marketing campaign. Like the Photo T-shirts released years ago, Supreme has plastered imagery of André 3000 wearing his Box Logo T-shirt all over the city of New York. Additionally, Supreme released a short video of André talking through his creative process on their Instagram. For those who are new to the brand, these marketing tactics may not ring of anything particularly special, but those who have been following Supreme for years will remember that this was how much of the hype originally began. 

The spirit of excitement surrounding Supreme this season is something that hasn’t been seen in years. For now, that excitement can be attributed to Tremaine Emory and his linking of the brand with André 3000 to kick off the season. Moving forward, especially as we begin to see more of Emory’s designs released by Supreme, we hope to see the brand find its way back toward the center of the cultural zeitgeist it once dominated. 

If you’re looking to stay excited about this Supreme season, not only is this first delivery of the Fall/Winter 2022 season one of the strongest we’ve seen in years, the brand also has several high profile collaborations that are rumored to be releasing. It’s been leaked that Supreme may release part two of their highly sought-after luxury collaboration with Louis Vuitton later this season alongside a potential collaboration with another luxury kingpin, Rolex. Some of those rumors have been tamped down, but it’s still up in the air as to whether it’ll officially happen. Additionally, it’s been rumored that Supreme will be partnering with Metallica on a collection. These are just rumors, but we may be in for the best season in years if these collaborations come to fruition.

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