August 30, 2013


Campless is a “sneakerhead data” company.  Our goal is to provide an unique view into the passionate sub-culture of sneaker collectors.

Today we do this by collecting eBay sneaker auctions and, using sophisticated statistical analyses, measure key data points like average price, volume and volatility, to name just three.  By creating insight around not just what a sneaker sells for, but everything related to that price – how many pairs are on the market, is the price increasing or decreasing, has it been consistent, etc. – Campless provides a way to think more rationally about a marketplace that is sometimes ruled by whims and emotions.

For sneakerheads, it’s the ultimate sneaker list – but for the first time ever, with real resell data.  Rank sneakers by price or volume, track the value of your collection, or just learn more about your favorite sneakers.  For the industry, it’s an analytical market assessment of one of the fastest growing, most influential demographics in footwear.

And the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. 

Whether you collect sneakers for love or for profit, the goal of Campless is the same:  to provide you with sneaker data not available elsewhere, for you to browse at your leisure, or use to buy more kicks.

So feel free to keep camping because you love it, not because you have to.