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Chrome Hearts Jackets

The Chrome Hearts brand has been around since the 80s with its biker-inspired sunglasses, jewellery, home goods, and perhaps most well-known of all, its Chrome Hearts jackets. Originally founded in 1988 by designer Richard Stark and leather manufacturer John Bowman, their product line began in a Los Angeles garage when they were unable to find leather jackets that they wanted to wear and so decided to make their own.

Today, Chrome Hearts jackets are revered for their quality and for their attention to detail. Made from premium leather sourced from the finest tanneries, their jackets offer soft and flexible durability that has been tested with the biker’s lifestyle in mind. Added details, from intricately designed zippers to studs and hardware accents, add a distinctive edge to the brand’s overall aesthetic. The signature Chrome Hearts cross motif is often incorporated into the jackets’ designs for that special, now iconic, touch.

And with style choices ranging from classic bike jackets to more contemporary bomber styles, the Chrome Hearts brand is both inclusive and versatile, offering a range of designs for every taste and every occasion.

That said, the Chrome Hearts brand offers far more than just jackets. Though they began in an LA garage, their current production now occupies a footprint of over three blocks in Hollywood, from where they craft a myriad of lifestyle and fashion products. With more than 13 buildings and 8 factories to their name, they’re making their brand more and more accessible to meet their ever-growing demand.

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Chrome Hearts Lip and Tongue JJ Dean Biker Jacket Black

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