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Shortly after unveiling Funko Force at Comic-Con 2010, CEO Brian Mariotti secured merchandising licenses from Marvel, starting the Funko Pop! Marvel series of Pop collectibles. Lire la suite
As one of the earlier collaborators with Funko, Marvel has a long history with the brand. The collection of Funko Pop! Marvel collectibles include characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) like Thor, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. To keep things interesting, Funko Pop! offers limited release "black light" Funko Pop! Marvel figures, rare character designers and other collectibles that put a spin on Marvel legends. In addition the MCU, Funko Pop! Marvel figures include offers from other films like Fantastic Four and "Into the Spider-Verse." On StockX, all Funko Pop! Marvel figures are brand new, unopened, and authenticated by our team of experts. Buy and sell Funko Pop! Marvel figures now.