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Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in London, England, Burberry originated as an outdoor apparel brand that has transformed into the luxury fashion house we know today. The brand is famously known for its usage of gabardine fabric, which is prominently featured on their signature trench coats and suiting. Lire la suite
The iconic Burberry Trench Coat was designed during World War 1 and worn by British officers in the trenches. Shortly after the war, the coat was frequented by civilians and later on became a staple to the brand. The lining of the trench coat featured Burberry's unique plaid pattern that is a main identifier for the brand today. Burberry plaid can be found on products ranging from shirts to suits to even leather goods. Another motif that signifies a Burberry garment is its Equestrian Knight logo, which is incorporated into the brand's labeling. Today, Burberry offers products for men and women, in both accessory, apparel, and footwear spaces. Shop Burberry clothing now on StockX.