How do I delete or deactivate my account?

At StockX, we believe you should be in control of your personal information. We have a few options to support your account change.

Delete your billing information

To delete just your billing information, Contact Us and request "Delete Billing."

Our team will delete your billing and shipping address, along with any credit cards on file. You can view this information in your Account Settings.

Delete your account

To delete your account entirely, visit our Trust Center, and submit a "Deletion Request".

Information on how to best navigate our Trust Center can be found here: How Can I Manage My Personal Information?

If you currently own an NFT, please sell it before deleting your account. All NFTs within your portfolio when your account is deleted will be lost.

Note: When a customer asks us to erase their information, some information has to be retained for legal and security reasons. This is in line with data privacy laws (including the GDPR) which do not require us to delete all information in its entirety. We also need to keep a record of transactions in case of legal disputes and for tax purposes.