How do I enter my address on StockX?


To ensure the best experience on StockX, it is important that customers have a verifiable address on file. When entering your shipping address, please be sure a deliverable address is entered, and that you have filled in all of the required fields. Keep in mind, StockX cannot support APO, FPO, DPO addresses, or a PO Box at this time. 

If after entering your address it cannot be verified, there may be address suggestions presented to you. Please retry, or use a suggested address if applicable. 

For Buyers, if the suggestions are incorrect, or there are no suggestions presented, an option will be available to override address verification by choosing “Proceed with Address Entered.” Reminder: If the address you entered cannot be verified, proceeding with the address may result in a failed delivery.

For Sellers, if the suggestions are incorrect, or there are no suggestions presented, a new, verifiable address will need to be entered. 

Note: StockX is unable to initiate claims for items that were shipped using an unverified address, and is not liable for any delays should there be any issues generating a shipping label. More information can be found on our FAQ: What happens if my item gets lost or damaged while buying on StockX?


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