What is the StockX Seller Program? What are Seller Levels?


Note: Starting July 1, 2023, we will launch updates to the StockX Seller Program, including lower base fees for all Seller levels. For more information, visit our blog: Lower Base Fees for All Sellers and Other Exciting Updates to the StockX Seller Program

StockX Seller Program

The StockX Seller Program establishes Seller Levels and provides clear performance standards for Sellers. The better the performance, the lower the Seller Fee. This results in a safer, healthier, and more reliable marketplace for everyone.  



Quarterly Sales Required

Quarterly Sales ($) Required

Base Transaction Fee 







$500 (USD)




$1,500 (USD)




$5,000 (USD)




$30,000 (USD)



How it Works 

There are five Seller Levels. Your level is determined by your activity (number of sales completed OR the total value of sales in USD) on StockX. Activity resets at the end of each calendar quarter.

  • Quarter 1: January 1-March 31
  • Quarter 2: April 1-June 30
  • Quarter 3: July 1-September 30
  • Quarter 4: October 1-December 31 


Note: A sale is deemed complete once the item has passed StockX’s verification process and the Seller has been paid out. StockX recommends you provide at least three business days for your package to arrive at StockX and to pass verification.

StockX will continuously evaluate your activity so you can level-up and achieve additional benefits. Once you achieve a Level, you get the benefits immediately and retain those benefits for the current calendar quarter and the following calendar quarter. 

Example: Sam sold 7 items for $2,200 in one day on April 15. The items passed the StockX verification process on April 18. That day, Sam receives a notification that he has achieved Seller Level 3 status. His transaction fee is now 9.0%. Sam continues to sell during April and May. On May 25, Sam’s 23rd item of the quarter passed verification, putting the total value of his items sold at $5,010, $10 past the threshold to achieve Level 4. At that time, Sam becomes a Level 4 Seller and retains those benefits for the rest of calendar quarter 2 and all of calendar quarter 3. Sam decides to spend the next few months on an island and doesn’t sell anything during quarter 3. He then drops down to Seller Level 1 on October 1st (aka the start of quarter 4). 

Earn Additional Discounts for Great Performance
Once Level 4 status is obtained, Sellers can qualify for an additional 2.0% off their fees through consistent monthly performance.

Sellers can earn one or both of these Bonuses. StockX determines your eligibility on the 1st of each month based on the prior month’s performance and the benefits you qualify for apply for the entirety of that month.

Utilizing an access point or third party service to ship your package may cause a delay in your order reflecting as shipped. Due to possible delays in item scanning when using an access point, please note that this may affect any Quick Ship Bonuses, as well as Successful Ship Bonuses if an order has to be canceled due to not being received in time by the carrier from the access point.

Please note, Level 4-5 Sellers who fail to ship 10% or more of orders within a month will receive a penalty fee the following month for each unfulfilled sale. To track your penalty fee progress, simply navigate to My Account > Selling and click the “Seller Level” button. More information can be found in our FAQ: What happens when a Seller breaks the rules?

Tip: Visit the
Selling tab within your account settings to view your progress against each bonus.

Refer to the StockX for Professional Sellers page for more information on StockX’s benefits and advanced tools for Sellers.


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