Why is my account on hold?


If you can't access your account on StockX, here are a couple of likely reasons:

As a Seller, repeated incomplete sales are the most common reason why your account might be suspended. Failure to send items out for verification and failure to send items that pass the StockX verification process will result in penalty fees and eventually suspension, depending on the number of failures and their severity.

As a Buyer, issuing a chargeback with your financial institution will suspend your account. It is always recommended in the case of suspected account fraud and accidental purchases that you contact StockX Support before asking your financial institution for a chargeback.


What do I do If I'm not sure why my account was suspended?

If you're not sure why your account was suspended, you can contact StockX Support for more information about what might be going on.


Note: StockX does not permit the creation of false user accounts. If your account has been suspended, please refrain from creating or using any additional StockX accounts. Doing so may result in additional suspensions, extended response times and other possible account complications.

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