What kind of streetwear is sold on StockX?


StockX is a thriving marketplace for streetwear from the most in-demand and hard-to-find brands all over the world. Everything from Supreme, A Bathing Ape and Palace, to Cactus Plant Flea Market, OVO and much, much more can be found on StockX.

What are the condition guidelines for streetwear sold on StockX?

StockX requires streetwear sold on our site to be brand new and unworn in flawless condition. Streetwear sold on the site must also have any original accessories that may have been included by the manufacturer. 

We strongly encourage every seller to include the original tags and clear plastic sleeve, but do not require them as we understand they will vary if the original purchase was made in-store or online.

StockX does not require the following to be included in order for a piece of streetwear to pass our condition guidelines:


  • In-store tags
  • Generic plastic bags
  • Additional branded content (postcards, stickers, etc.)
  • The shopping bag that may have been included with the original sale

As with items sold at retail, some products will pass the StockX inspection despite having minor stitching issues or other manufacturing flaws that are unavoidable and uncontrollable during manufacturing.

How should streetwear be shipped to StockX?

We currently allow clothing and small accessories to be shipped out in a padded envelope. 

However, all hats, fragile accessories, and large items must be shipped to us in a shipping box. We also require fragile accessories to be packaged with bubble wrap to prevent any damage to the products.

Check out this blog post for general shipping tips: How To Properly ShipYour ItemTo StockX.

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