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Dropping viewers into the innovative world of streetwear, HBO Max’s THE HYPE puts the artistry and entrepreneurial hustle of up-and-coming designers to the ultimate test. THE HYPE follows these streetwear visionaries as they compete to elevate their cutting-edge designs and entrepreneurial hustle, all to prove their brand is the future of fashion – and worthy of the hype. 

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Learn More About the Participating Designers

Rupal Banerjee is the designer of the elevated streetwear brand, Ru By Rupal. She has wanted to be a designer her entire life, and now has a streetwear brand worn by some of the top artists in music. Her brand is a combination of traditional streetwear concepts blended with elements of her Indian background. This up-and-comer is ready to compete with the best and win it all on The Hype.

Norvell Beckles (Vell Beck) is the designer and creative director of VBNYC, a brand based out of New York. Born in Harlem, Norvell first established the seeds of his skills by working in print shops, where he was able to be mentored by designers such as the late Virgil Abloh. Known for his signature band-aid that he wears to cover up a mountain biking scar, Norvell plays as hard as he works and is ready for the next challenge.

Cierra Boyd (“Frisky”) is a full-time designer and owner of her streetwear brand, Frisk Me Good. This Cleveland-born creator focuses on “retro futuristic” streetwear, always staying ahead of the trends… and often crafting her own in the process. As a natural born hustler, Cierra is making a name for herself, while ensuring she shows other young females in fashion that anything is possible.

Brittney Brooks (Knoxx) is a designer based out of Los Angeles, CA. She owns the line, DVMN Pigeon, a name she made up with her high school friends back in the day. She specializes in high-end streetwear and says that a lot of the trends that are popular — like using leather for shirts — are things she was doing five years ago. She’s ready to show the competition that she is the most original designer out there.

T. Dionne Clouser is the designer and creator of the line, T. Dionne by T. Dionne. She has worked with some of the biggest stars in music, including SZA, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie, who have all gravitated towards her retro futuristic collections. She is looking to take the next step in her designing career, as she knows The Hype could bring her one step closer to being a household name.

Bryan Nelson Gonzalez is an LA native who owns his brand, Second and 7th. Having been inspired by skate culture and the LA lifestyle, Bryan infuses a variety of details into every piece, ensuring he represents not just for LA — but for his El Salvadorian culture as well. He has already survived some traumatic experiences in his life, so this designer is poised to aim for the top spot on The Hype.

Winston Bartholomew Holder III is a Brooklyn native and the founder of the clothing line, HOUSE OF BARTHOLOMEW. His collection is an intersection between fashion and architecture. Ranging from haute couture to ready-to-wear, his diverse collections feature leather goods, activewear, accessories, jewelry, and interior design.

Chelsea Ma is the owner and creative director of her streetwear brand, Takeon Label. Launched in 2016, she has built her brand from the ground up and is making waves on a global level. Chelsea is a bold, eccentric business woman who doesn’t want to create just another “mercy” brand — she aspires to create a timeless streetwear conglomerate with substance and longevity.

Khanh Ngo is an Ohio native now living in Los Angeles. As a creative director and owner of his brand, Made by Ngo, Khanh is quickly building a buzz with his mix of streetwear and work wear. He also runs an online store and sells his products, as well as home goods and vintage pieces. Originally hailing from Vietnam and having grown up in the inner city of Columbus, OH, this budding entrepreneur has come a long way in proving himself — and he’s ready to show competitors on The Hype exactly why he shouldn’t be underestimated.

Alexzander Reynolds is the designer of Lab 74 and is from Los Angeles by way of Detroit. He has immense pride for the city he grew up in and is always looking to give back. Alexzander creates glam rock streetwear based on his favorite artists of the 80’s, like Prince and Rick James. These designs have found a wide audience and have been worn by the best artists of today — including Doja Cat and Big Sean.

Jason Scott is a tenacious creative director and fashion entrepreneur coming from Atlanta, GA. With several years of experience under his belt, he’s hoping to make some noise in the streetwear world, as he feels it’s becoming stale and headed down the wrong path. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of his heroes (Alexander McQueen and Shayne Oliver) and change the world of fashion forever.

Dominique “Domo” Wilkins is a full-time designer and the owner of his streetwear line, Faded NYC. Since a child, he has been finding ways to make his outfits as fly as possible. Nearly a decade into designing clothes professionally, Domo’s showing no signs of slowing down. With countless celebrity co-signs and a growing consumer base, this motivated sartorial entrepreneur is ready to shut the streetwear game down with his unique outlook on what’s hot.