Celebrate Self-Expression With “Own it”

Watch Our Newest Commercial Celebrating Self Expression

Our newest global campaign recognizes the value of self-expression. Titled “Own It,” it challenges everyone to show the world what they’re about without saying a word.

For our community – from sneaker enthusiasts to card collectors – this is their super power. When you own it, you’re the boss of your style, your strength, your authenticity. It means living for everything you love – no matter who may object.

This new campaign is just the beginning of the celebration, which includes in-person and online experiences. Because when you’re in charge of your passion and greatness, it shows.

Own It for Back to School

From the best backpacks to the must-have hoodies and shorts, we go over everything you need to own it class.

Stay Tuned for What’s Next

The possibilities are endless when you own it. Keep an eye out as our campaign evolves with new seasons and trends.