September 15, 2023

Last updated on August 30, 2023

Must-Have Accessories for Back to School

School supplies, but make 'em hype.

School supplies, but make 'em hype.

There was honestly no event more gratifying during back to school times than the school supplies shopping run. I know, that feels anticlimactic even typing it. But for us Millennials who experienced it (do Gen Zers even need school supplies or is it all digital now? Genuinely asking), you know the feeling of getting home with brand new notebooks, pens, pencils, and folders freshly wrapped and ready to go. I still slow down during my Target runs when I see the back to school aisle, even though it’s just “office supplies” to me now.

While school supplies are the academic essentials, there are also fashionable, must-have accessories that give you that extra support and motivation past the last bell. From the perfect tote bag that has a compartment for all of your organizational needs to the ideal headphones to block out all the noise while studying for exams, we’ve rounded up the best accessories on StockX to help you get through class and beyond. 


Apple AirPods Max Headphones

I’ll admit it, I didn’t fully understand the hype of these headphones when they first came out. Yes they looked sleek and beautiful, but were they that much different than my noise-canceling AirPods? Did I really need to spend a bigger buck on the over-the-head version? I have come to find out that the answer is a resounding “yes, yes I did.” The Apple Airpods Max Headphones live up to all the hype and then some. The canopy in the headband is made from breathable knit mesh, which helps distribute weight evenly across the top of your head to reduce any pressure. The ear cushions also create an air-tight seal that produces top notch sound and the best noise canceling experience. These headphones also last up to 20 hours before needing another charge, making it the perfect accessory for those late night study sessions. 



Louis Vuitton x Supreme Epi Keychain 

Some accessories are functional (see headphones above) while others are fashionable (see tote bag below). And then there are those special few that are magically somehow both, like the  Louis Vuitton x Supreme Epi Keychain. We’ve all been in that scramble situation to make the first bell. We’re already late and we can’t find our various keys – the one to the house, the one to the car, the one to the locker, the list goes on. Everything is everywhere. Well, not anymore. This keychain organizes all your essentials onto one consolidated ring. The best part is the Louis Vuitton x Supreme design is a timeless collaboration between two iconic brands, merging high fashion with streetwear. So while this keychain is highly functional, you can also style it in your pocket with the Supreme logo showing for a fashionable statement in the halls.

Marc Jacobs The Leather Tote Bag 

Now, tote bags and duffles are just as popular as the tried and true backpack. My current obsession is the Marc Jacobs The Leather Tote Bag in Medium Argan Oil. While Marc Jacobs has never gone out of style, it’s about to peak even higher this fall thanks to its latest Fall 2023 campaign with Kim Kardashian. We all know what the Kim K effect has on fashion culture (the rise of Balenciaga and Yeezy for example). So if Kim K is about to enter her Marc Jacobs era, then this brand is about to be the most-talked about name this season. The Marc Jacobs “The Leather Tote” bag is the perfect place to start (as it was one of the products Kim was holding in the campaign afterall). The bag is made of full grain leather and features one interior zip pocket, two slip pockets, and a card slot for all your organizational needs. I also love the rich brown color. It’s the perfect warm tone for all your fall outfits. 

Casio G-Shock MTP-1215A-2A2

In every friend group, there’s a person who is always late to just about everything. I’m embarrassed to admit that person is most definitely me. I played a daily, anxiety-inducing game of “beat the first bell” as I raced to school every morning after snoozing my alarm a little too often. So this next accessory is truly a must-have, whether you also tend to run late like me or just need an extra source to keep you on time. The Casio G-Shock MTP-1215A-2A2 is a classic, durable watch made from stainless steel. The traditional design and striking blue face give this inexpensive watch a true luxurious feel. The best part is that this watch is water resistant, handling any type of daily wear without sacrificing style.


Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Case

Our last must-have back to school accessory is an essential staple needed for both class and the weekends. There’s nothing worse than getting to a weekend plan with friends and realizing you lost your debit card or even worse, your license. Which is why a card case is just what you need to organize all your important valuables wherever the week may take you. The Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Case is one of my favorites because of its compact size and of course its stylish branded exterior. This card case is small enough to fit into your pocket or small purse, while the Chevron Green pops against other things you’re carrying around in your backpack or tote so that you’ll never lose it in the mix. Not to mention, the iconic Goyard print gives this card case an elevated touch, which will make you want to carry it with you at all times.