Apparel - February 17, 2022

The Season's Top Telfar Bags

Dave Chaplin

StockX EU

The Telfar craze looks like it may never end, so we’re taking a look at the best bags of the season from the new Duffle, to the always in-style "Bushwick Birkin."

The Telfar craze looks like it may never end, so we’re taking a look at the best bags of the season from the new Duffle, to the always in-style "Bushwick Birkin."

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Before Telfar launched in 2014, the luxury bag industry was pretty exclusive. High price points created a barrier to entry to many looking to get their hands on the latest “it” bag and since that was the status quo, it seemed like that might never change. But in 2017, Telfar’s now blazingly popular vegan leather Shopping Bag caught fire as a high quality, limited but more affordable luxury bag alternative. Over the last four years, the bag has become so popular that it’s been dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin” and sells out immediately in every color upon release. Fortunately, nearly every color and style of Telfar Bag is available and in stock on StockX so if you’re looking to gift that special someone a new bag, now is the time.

Telfar Duffle Medium Black

While Telfar is best known for the many different colors and sizes of their Shopping Bags, the brand recently added a new silhouette to their arsenal. The Telfar Duffle was announced earlier this year and released in September via the brand’s recently debuted Telfar TV platform. Like the Shopping Bags, the Telfar Duffle was made available in three different sizes, though for the time being, black is the only color that’s been released. For those looking to gift themselves or a loved one an extremely limited new overnight or weekend bag without completely breaking the bank, the Telfar Duffle is for you.

Telfar x UGG Shopping Bag Medium Chestnut

The return of UGG has been one of the more notable cultural phenomena to take place in 2021. That renaissance is thanks in large part to Telfar and their electric fanbase. Telfar and UGG have released multiple collaborative capsules since late 2020, delivering pieces from apparel to footwear to handbags. This particular Telfar x UGG Shopping Bag released late last year, just in time for the holiday season. The bag was made available in small and medium sizes and features cream shearling details set against chestnut nubuck. If you or a loved one has recently copped the UGG Classic Mini II Boot and are looking for an accessory to match, this is the one.

Telfar x Moose Knuckles Puff Shopper Tote Medium Black

Telfar has had a very busy 2021 Fall season. After delivering their new Duffle Bag silhouette and UGG collaboration, they dropped another collab bag, this time with Canadian outerwear brand, Moose Knuckles, in November. The Moose Knuckles collaboration resulted in a full collection of apparel and accessories that included this Telfar Puff Shopper Tote Bag. This Telfar Moose Knuckles Puff Shopper Tote Bag takes the traditional Shopping Bag silhouette and adds a touch of quilted down. The puffer jacket-like handbag delivers a fun twist to Telfar’s most popular and coveted piece. 

Telfar Shopping Bag Small Sage

It doesn’t get any better than the traditional Telfar Shopping Bag. The Bushwick Birkin is made from 100% vegan leather and, most of the time, it’s offered in three different sizes. This Sage colorway was released earlier this year, capitalizing on the converging plant and health and wellness trends dominating TikTok and Instagram. For so many, different shades of green are the colors to wear right now and if you’re looking for an accessory that’ll do the heavy lifting for you, this small Shopping Bag has you covered. 

Telfar x UGG Fleece Shopping Bag Medium Heather Grey

Most of the bags released as a part of Telfar and UGG’s collaborative efforts really look like it. The lion’s share of the collaboration features prominent shearling details that turn the traditionally minimal Telfar Shopping Bag into an eye-catching fur-lined accessory. If that’s not quite your style, the Telfar x UGG collaboration still has something for you. This Telfar x UGG Shopping Bag takes Telfar’s most iconic accessory and wraps it in a heather grey cotton fleece material. The bag delivers the same cozy vibe as the rest of the collection while staying closer to Telfar’s more traditional minimal, smooth design.

Telfar Shopping Bag Medium Eggplant

Telfar introduced several new colors of their Shopping Bag in 2021 and Eggplant has been one of the most popular by far. Close in color to the vegetable, Telfar’s Eggplant colorway features a slight pop of color while remaining relatively minimal. Paired with other colors, the Eggplant Shopping Bag will ground your outfit and, matched to an all-black outfit, this bag will deliver an understated, yet noticeable deviation from the theme. In medium, the Telfar Shopping bag is large enough to carry the essentials without dominating your entire outfit.