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Nike Kobe 7

The Nike Kobe 7 was launched in 2011 as Kobe Bryant’s 7th signature basketball shoe. Designed by Eric Avar, the creative director of Nike, this Kobe 7 edition includes 3 models – the Kobe 7, the Kobe 7 Elite, and the Kobe 7 Supreme. Nike Kobe 7 gained a place in history when Kobe wore the sneaker during Team USA’s gold medal-winning game at the 2012 London Olympics.

Unlike previous editions, the Kobe 7 was marketed not just as a shoe, but as a customizable system, meaning the wearer can personalize the fit using 2 types of inserts. The sneakers come with 2 interchangeable insoles – the "attack fast" for quick responsiveness and the "attack strong" for increased cushioning. In addition, the sneakers’ uppers are constructed with Nike Flywire, which is a lightweight thread that minimizes weight while providing support.

The Kobe 7 sneakers feature a variety of colorways with color blocking, ranging from bold and vibrant to monochromatic. The Kobe 7 "What the Kobe exemplifies" comes with the vivid colorways Bamboo, Tropical Twist, Hasta and Seaweed, while the Kobe 7 Team Bank Black offers a more subdued color scheme. The most noteworthy sneakers of this edition are the models that feature prints of predators Kobe wished to emulate, including the white wolf, the cheetah, the poison dart frog, and, of course, the black mamba. The Nike Kobe 7 Shark features a deep ocean graphic across the exterior shell and a texture that emulates the predator's smooth skin.

While Nike Kobe 7 is primarily an adult footwear line, it also offers grade school sizes.

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