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The Nike Kobe 7 was designed with speed and strength in mind. This shoe was released with "NBA 2K12," and in the game, Kobe 7 colorways were updated during the season. See More
The Kobe 7 was designed by Eric Avar and made its debut in December of 2011. Three versions of the shoe were released: the Kobe 7, the Kobe 7 Supreme and the Kobe 7 Elite. The shoe was packaged and promoted as a system, not just a shoe. The Kobe 7 was a sneaker that could be customized to fit the user, with two types of inserts. The idea was that players could decide how to make the sneaker work best for their needs. The technology that went into this shoe was impressive. The upper was polyurethane, cast with the skin patterns of predators Kobe sought to emulate. These included the black mamba, great white shark and leopard. Flywire technology and a supportive glass-reinforced midsole also helped set this shoe apart. Bright colorways like the Violet Pop/Volt-Ink-Action Red Kobe 7 Christmas have always been popular with sneaker lovers. The ethereal Nike Kobe 7 Galaxy AS has also been a hit.