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Created by the famous Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man made his first appearance in the Amazing Fantasy comic book in 1962, which led to the release of The Amazing Spider-Man a year later. 查看更多
Stan Lee created Spider-Man as a means to provide a teenage superhero lead during a time when that role was typically reserved for sidekick characters. The relatable persona of Peter Parker as a struggling teen with no true mentor only played to the success of the series, and Spider-Man has since become one of the most popular comic book series ever made. StockX carries some of the most popular and coveted graded Spider-Man Comic Books which span decades of writing, storylines, and include a plethora of characters from the Marvel Universe. Popular CGC graded Spider-Man Comic Books on StockX include Spider-Man #121 (Death of Gwen Stacy), Spider-Man #122 (Death of Green Goblin), and Amazing Spider-Man #135 (Origin of Punisher).