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Balenciaga Triple S Black White Red

Balenciaga Triple SBlack White Red

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The Balenciaga Triple S Black White Red revolutionized the sneaker game with its unorthodox chunky design and striking colorway. This silhouette, dressed in a sleek black with stark white and bold red accents, challenges the norms and stands as a monument to the maximalist design philosophy. The Triple S is a statement, a fashion-forward disruption that refuses to go unnoticed.

This trailblazer features a pre-distressed look with a tri-layered sole, giving it an instantly recognizable profile and unparalleled comfort. With its sizeable Balenciaga branding on the side and the heel tab, along with its intricate lacing system, the Triple S defies expectations at every angle. It’s a harmonious clash of a retro trainer with futuristic sensibilities.

Launched on September 21, 2017, with a retail tag of $795, the Balenciaga Triple S Black White Red emerged as an icon for sneaker enthusiasts and the fashion elite. Its release marked a seismic shift in sneaker culture, propelling the Triple S into the annals of design history as a pioneer of the 'ugly sneaker' trend, beloved by those who march to the beat of their own drum.

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