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NVIDIA ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics Card (TUF-RTX3070-O8G-GAMING)

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ASUS is one of the most trusted names in the graphics cards marketplace, producing some of the best partner cards available. Mehr
ASUS RTX 3070 cards come in a variety of iterations, including the powerful Republic of Gamers (ROG), TUF Gaming, and Dual graphics cards. ROG ASUS graphics cards are designed for “enthusiasts and competitive overclockers,” according to ASUS. The ASUS Dual series of NVIDIA RTX 3070 graphics cards provide great value, while TUF Gaming graphics cards offer durability and dependability for gamers. There truly is a card for everyone in the Nvidia ASUS RTX 3070 line. Whether you’re a seasoned PC gamer, content creator, or a newcomer to the ecosystem — NVIDIA ASUS RTX 3070 graphics cards are some of the best cards on the market, and are available to buy and sell on StockX.