Chanel Flap

The Chanel luxury fashion house debuted the classic flap bag in 1955. Buy and Sell the Chanel Flap Bag now on StockX.





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Chanel Flap Bag Top Handle Quilted Grained Calfskin Gold-tone Small Black

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Chanel designs often merge form and function into a single, stylish accessory. Ver más
Items such as the Chanel Classic Double Flap Quilted Jumbo Black Caviar Gold-tone are just one part of how the early days of the company helped transition people from simple handbags to larger accessories. This version of the Chanel Flap features the iconic burgundy interior, a diamond pattern etched into the black exterior, and the "CC" lock in gold tones. For Chanel enthusiasts who want something with silver accents, check out the Chanel Rectangular Flap Quilted Diamond Iridescent Mini on StockX as well. This model includes many of the same aspects as a full-size bag but in a more compact frame that might be useful for a day out. The usual gold pieces are replaced with a reflective silver color. There is an outer flap on one side of the bag for extra storage. You'll find these and other Chanel Flap bags on StockX.